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Associate Leadership Council

Collective body that empowers Consultants and Market Center leadership to have the same strategic business conversations and run the same systems and models that drive productivity.

It is made up of a selection of Consultants from the Top 20% most productive in the Market Center, by the Team Leader, by the MCA and in which the Main Operating Officer can participate.

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As an entrepreneur, only at KW can I get the best tools and techniques, both in terms of marketing and technology, which help me to strengthen my skills as a consultant and leader.


This continuous improvement allows me to add value to everyone I deal with on a daily basis and to be actively involved in leadership decisions that increase Market Center's productivity and profitability. 

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José Fontes

ALC Support and Support

"We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence is not a way of acting. It's a habit”


I support all consultants by helping to build Careers worth having, Businesses worth owning, Lives worth living, Experiences worth sharing!

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Fabio Rocha

Growth Committee

KW is a company where Culture is based on a set of values and principles that define us as an organization, experienced daily by all those who are part of this house.

As leader of the growth committee, my main mission is to publicize the career opportunity that all consultants deserve, thus contributing to the company's growth.

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Renata Rios

Culture Committee

The KW Culture is lived and worked on every day in our institution. It guides our way of being and interacting with others and society. All of us, through our behavior, live and transmit a declared set of values based on the KW Culture.

KW Culture aims, above all, to contribute to personal and collective growth.

KW culture, the glue that unites us!


Liliana Pereira

Productivity Committee

Being a member of the ALC and leading the KW Alfa Productivity Committee translates into a high responsibility that obliges me to always be looking for solutions that help me grow as a person and as a consultant.


My mission is to share experiences and help the entire KW family on their journey and in the search for ideas that allow us to achieve the goals we have set ourselves, thus increasing our productivity.

Technology Committee

Fabio Rocha

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