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Dionísio Filipe
Operating Main

The role of the Operating Principal is to create, communicate and implement the organization's Vision, Mission and Values.

He leads, guides and evaluates the work of all other company leaders, thus creating an environment of growth, productivity and equity, where everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop a successful career in the real estate sector.

Fabio Rocha
Team Leader

My main Mission is to implement the Operating Principal's vision and develop leaders through permanent support to KW's consultants. I guarantee that all consultants are monitored in order to have high productivity and, consequently, a successful career at KW.

The leadership, career management of members of theAssociate Leadership Council(ALC) and Coaching the most productive Consultants are also my responsibility.

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Alexandre Gomes - formal.png

Alexandre Gomes
Director of Operations and Expansion

I ensure the growth of the Market Center, contributing to KW's assertion as the company where all Consultants want to be and where none wants to leave.

I am also responsible for disseminating the KW culture among consultants and retaining them in the Market Center.

José Fontes
Productivity Coach

I focus on meeting the needs of consultants to streamline productivity, maximize results and maintain a daily personal and professional relationship with associates.

As a Coach, I am also responsible for working on retention and driving consultants to achieve their growth, profitability and productivity goals.

José Fontes - Cópia.png
Tânia Gonçalves.png

Tânia Gonçalves
Productivity Coach

As a Productivity Coach I am committed to demonstrating how to achieve results by acquiring work habits that transform “overworked” into “organized”, using the methods and systems proven successful by KW consultants.

I am a trainer, I support professionals in setting goals and making decisions and I support the business of real estate consultants.

Rachel Andrade

I focus on meeting the needs of consultants to streamline productivity and maximize their results.

I make my greatest contribution in the financial, accounting and operations area, providing support and assistance to all consultants.

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Fotos para o site (2).png

Cristiana Vieira
Marketing and Communication

As a member of the Marketing and Communication department, my responsibilities relate to the development and digital growth of the Market Center, as well as that of our consultants, through personalized follow-up with those who arrive at KW.

Focused on sharing content that gives notoriety, my goal is to support consultants to make the most of all available marketing tools, namely on internal platforms and social networks.

Cristina Pinheiro
Procedural Department

As head of the Procedural Department, my main Mission is to help Consultants with the necessary documentation for real estate transactions. I am responsible for the management and administration of all recruitment and sales processes in the Market Center.

I analyze and validate all the necessary documentation for fundraising, drafting contracts and deeds. I also articulate all requests with the Credit Intermediation department.

Sofia Barbosa
Procedural Department

My job is to help consultants with the necessary documentation for real estate transactions. I provide administrative support for all Market Center recruitment, purchase, sale and leasing processes.


I also provide a service that facilitates the real estate transaction, streamlining the sales process.

Paula Serpa Pinto
Treasury and Accounting 

My role is to ensure the issuance of invoices and the efficient processing of commission payments to consultants and real estate agents with whom we share.

Patricia Gomes
DOFI and Administrative

I'm the first person you meet when you enter the Market Center. Responsible for reception, answering calls and day-to-day operational support, I focus on meeting the needs of consultants to streamline productivity and maximize their results.


Nuno Ascensão (Regional Owner)

Eduardo Garcia e Costa (Regional Owner)

Os Líderes da KW Portugal.
Bill Soteroff - o Presidente da Keller Williams


Bill Soteroff (President of KW Worldwide)


Gary Keller (Founder & Executive Chairman)

Mark King (President KWRI)

Carl Liebert (CEO KWx)

As caras da liderança Keller Williams
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