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Together we achieve more!

We are more than a Real State Mediation company.

We believe that we change the lives of our Clients, helping them to find their dream home!

KW Alfa started its activity in 2018 and is currently the largest Keller Williams business center operating in Northern Portugal.

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+120 consultants

We have a team of professionals who work every day to provide excellent service to their clients, with the purpose of being the Real Estate Company of Choice for the public.


4 Years of KW Alfa

We believe that KW Alpha's growth is only as great as our ability to promote the growth of the people who work with us. Join us and discover the opportunities that are waiting for you.

KW Portugal

Líder KW internacional e o Líder da KW Portugal.

7 Years of KW Portugal

We acquired the representation of the world's largest real estate company 7 years ago, bringing to Portugal a disruptive business model: a Technology-driven Consulting and Training company dedicated to the real estate brokerage business.

Foto de grupo da Family Reunion, em Portugal.

+ 2200 associates and 27 Market Centers

Distributed throughout the mainland and Madeira Island, our business centers serve the businesses of our more than 2200 consultants.

KW International

Gary Keller

39 years of Keller Williams

Pursuing best practices and supporting their implementation with enormous experience. Gary Keller founder and CEO of Keller Williams, is also the author of unique industry bestsellers such as Millionaire Real Estate Agent, SHIFT and The One Thing. We are a models and systems company, and that allows us to learn the business fast.

Mapa dos países onde a KW está presente.

180,000 Associates in 52 regions

Dimension on a global scale, we are present all over the world, allowing greater visibility and exchange of synergies for more effective results.

Ecrã com códigos de programação.

1B of Investment in Technology

KW is investing €1 billion in technology platforms that will have a global dimension. Each consultant will interact with the client through technology. There is no need to send emails, to do research on properties. There are two interfaces, one for the consultant and one for the final consumer.

Value offer

+200 Associates

Maquete sala de formação KW.


We don't believe in learning just to know, but to put it into practice. Regardless of the level you are at – whether you are just starting out or you are already a productive Consultant - our Training program is prepared to give you viable tools and strategies ready to put into practice.



We believe that technology came to leverage the real estate consultant business, never to replace it. People play a central role in the business, business depends on relationships. However, technology will be fundamental in productivity gains, either through efficiency or effectiveness. That's why KW invested 1,000 million euros in technological platforms, which allow the consultant to interact with clients, there is no need to send emails, do research on real estate. There are two interfaces, one for the consultant and the other for the final consumer.

Livro "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent"

Models and Systems

The experience of 37 years and the global scale that we have achieved has allowed us to learn from the best practices which models and work systems allow us to achieve the results we are looking for. The content structure is designed to accelerate the learning curve leading to a quick implementation of activities that translate into results.

EMPOWERING - Agent Entrepreneurs.


Professional structure with several years of experience, whose mission is to accompany, commercially and through coaching, all the consultants associated with our business center, focusing on the stage in which each consultant is individually. It can also rely on an operational structure at the level: Administrative, Procedural, Technological and Credit mediation.

Maquete sala de formação KW.


Built to enable us to fulfill our company's mission, build careers through solid business. The possibility of receiving 95% of the commissions, as a result of the transactions of the clients we represent, allows the consultant to (re)invest in his business, thus building a real estate agency with the right foundations.



We believe that the company we run can contribute to our lives in countless ways. To help consolidate this understanding, we have formalized a system of principles we call WI4C2TES that guide us in how we should treat each other and how we do business.


Our Mission

Build CAREERS worth having, BUSINESSES worth owning, LIVES worth living, EXPERIENCES worth providing, and LEGACYS worth perpetuating.

Our Perspective


We are a Technological company that owns the platform preferred by the Clients of our Consultants.

Keller Williams thinks like a TOP PRODUCER, acts like a TRAINER-CONSULTANT, and focuses all its activities on SERVICE, PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITABILITY.

Our Vision


To be the COMPANY OF CHOICE in Real Estate Mediation for Real Estate Consultants and their Clients.


Our Values

God, Family and only then the business.

Our Principles


Win-Win - or there is no deal

Integrity - doing what is right

Customers - always come first

Commitment - in everything

Communication - seek to understand first

Creativity - ideas before results

Teamwork - together we achieve more

Having confidence - starts with honesty

Equity – opportunities for all

Success - results involving people


Market Center

Rua Manuel Pinto de Azevedo, 7
4100-321 Porto

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