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Backstage Talk

A Podcast/Interview where we learn who is the person behind the consultant.

Where the business is in the background and the Person is in the foreground.

Nuno Simao Ferreira

Nuno Ferreira came from the world of fitness and joined the real estate sector 3 years ago.


What made you change areas, how was the transition, what changed in your life?

Ricardo Jorge

Ricardo Jorge known as a footballer and recognized for his drive and persistence. Today he talks a little about some of his biggest challenges and his biggest victories.


Where people's smiles matter more than anything else.

Maurílio Caires

Maurílio Caires or as many know him "O Cara", is a consultant who sees beyond what is visible to our eyes and seeks the best for people.


Come meet him and take the opportunity to absorb his fantastic energy.

Natalina Correia

Natalina Correia, after ten years living in Europe, returned to the region and stumbled upon the Real Estate branch.


He quickly fell in love with this profession when he realized the impact that excellent service can have on people's lives.

Vitor Freitas

Vítor Freitas, a consultant with more than a decade of experience in the real estate industry, embraced the KW Area Madeira project and promises to leave his legacy.


Who is Vítor behind the consultant?

Filipe Farinha

Filipe Farinha, a young consultant who in his first year in the sector reached the highest level in his company, Ser Capper.

Who is Filipe behind the consultant?

Do you also want to find out?

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